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By wrapping your truck, you've turned it into a rolling billboard wherever you go! These trucks are great to bring to events such as food drive/fill-a-trucks, community events, and a great way to show your support of Move For Hunger on every move. Let those on the road know you're in the fight against hunger!

Product Details:

  • We can design and coordinate with our national printer and installer to wrap any size van or truck
  • Logo, phone number, and website will be added to the sides and rear of the truck to assure your brand is seen from every angle.
  • Your team has full approval of the design before it gets sent to the printer for production
  • We have worked on 25+ wraps with our national vehicle wrap partner. If you feel that you'd rather use someone local that you have a relationship with, we are more than happy to coordinate that!
  • Customizations to the design can be done such as changing the color of the houses to match your design, changing the accent colors, and adding your logo or van line to the boxes.

To proceed with wrapping your truck, you may complete the order through our store. This will notify our Art Director to contact you and put together a formal quote with the vendor. OR you may contact our Art Directory directly at for more information.